2017/02/15 ~ Supposed Advice To Deal With Trump Supporters

02444d48-d6e0-413e-a78d-179c1c4e22a3-inline_yes1: don’t care – I dont think most of America does
2: you should know – the Obama/Clinton regime was the most lucrative ever
3: there is no need to argue – you are wrong
4: while you are at it keep sticking your snowflake head in the sand because you don’t realise just how ignorant you are
5: the darkness is the shadow of the Obamas
6: the numbers don’t lie – Trump won the electoral college – if you add all the votes on every candidate except Hillary popular vote says that Americans DO NOT WANT HILLARY
7: always an overlooked aspect of society – everyone should support art it is an aspect of what our future society will partly judge this time over
8: yes, your cnn facilitator of fake news is worthless – you should have given them that message a decade ago
9: I guess – everyone should already be doing this
10:your kind do not know how to keep demonstrations peaceful – degenerates only know how to criminally riot
11: and while you are at it make sure to assign blame to the people most deserving – the democratic party that has ruin this country almost a decade ago

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2017/02/06 ~ Animal Cruelty

qpeqmjerc0WTF is the purpose of not killing them and then doing it? The animal can not survive after this is done – surely infection in the legs and where their hides were removed would kill the animals. I know they also boil cats and dogs alive and then pull their skin off and the cat/dog thrashes about in complete shock until Gods mercy allows them to pass on – how could you look into the eyes of such a beast and do this to them – heartless and soulless humans!

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2017/02/05 ~ Lady Gaga’s Half Time Super Bowl Show 2017

Half time performance rocked – she gave subtle messages by singing specified lyrics but wasn’t an ass – completely respect her choices!!! It was indeed a performance that had the message of love one another, respect differences, and the love we should all have for our country! We do live in the greatest land of all – and if you have your doubts go for one month to the majority of places in this world and see how fast you have the desire to come back is!

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2017/01/02 ~ Bitching Up A Storm About Being Poor

15781803_10158147369625515_5427792689509254250_nIs it just me or has anyone else thought that if this woman spent the time she was protesting and bitching at a job or looking for a job she wouldn’t be poor anymore? Throughout time there has always been the rich or poor with a few spread out in-between. Get over yourself. You bitching and complaining is never going to change this situation. No rich person is going to get down on their knees and say how wrong it is for them to be rich while you are poor.

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2017/01/02 ~ Mariah Carey Spotted Trying To Buy Weed On Christmas Eve!?!?!?

Well that explains it – if she was higher than a kite it would be a true excuse for her ‘out there’ performance – if you call that shit she did a performance – I mean her dancers were more entertaining – her time on stage reminded me of that Britney Spears performance where she was tripping on something couldn’t even stand up!

Looks like Mariah Carey needed something to calm down her nerves over the holidays. The

Source: Mariah Carey Spotted Trying To Buy Weed On Christmas Eve

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2017/01/01 ~ Mariah Diva Is A Joke

mariah-carey-new-years-eve-gettyShe claims problems with her earpiece and complained several time even moments before going onstage – at least that is her camps story – if she is not able to perform her own lyrics and can’t lip sync worth a damn she should have just said unless they are working I will not go onstage – I think her ‘divaness’ and loss of voice as she got older and a little spirit are to blame – she even forgot her skirt/pants for she must know she is too old to dress like a gymnastics athlete and it was an inappropriate outfit for a formal event – but that’s just my opinion.

I didn’t want to get involved with her shit performance until her camp started pointing and putting blame on anyone except Mariah herself. She has been in the industry for a very long time and this isn’t her first ‘mistake’ performance! The ole bitty needs to be put to pasture.

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2016/08/10 ~ Another Liberal Whiner – Will Smith Brutally Attacks Trump Supporters

Dear every celebrity actor everywhere: We don’t pay you to give us your political opinions, we pay you to entertain us for hours at a time and then go about

Check out the full article here and have a bucket ready:  Will Smith Brutally Attacks Trump Supporters

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