2017/02/28 ~ Former NAACP Leader Rachel Dolezal Can’t Find A Job – Almost Homeless

she did good – but imitating a race for personal gain and profit is a low thing to do – its disgraceful – a slap in the face to all of those who are black and fought so hard for equality – if she fought and did all the good she had done while being the race she is she would have had respect and would not be in the position she is now – for many of us are turning our beliefs into a structure of an ‘eye for an eye’ because the world is going to shit – she’s getting the results of choices she made – and in my book when you make choices knowing they have consequences you are asking for it – and when you get what you are asking for you nor anyone else should complainRachel Dolezal, NAACP leader who resigned in 2015 amid criticism that she was passing herself off as black, says she is near homelessness

The former Spokane, Washington, NAACP leader who resigned in 2015 amid criticism that she was passing herself off as black says she is near homelessness.

Rachel Dolezal tells Britain’s The Guardian newspaper that she cannot find a job and the only work she has been offered is in reality TV and porn.

Dolezal has acknowledged that she is “Caucasian biologically,” but says she identifies as black.

She explains to The Guardian that she “began to see the world through black eyes” as a teenager after her parents adopted four black children. Dolezal says she decided to be publicly black years later following a divorce.

Dolezal maintains that she did nothing wrong.

Dolezal details her experience in an upcoming memoir titled “In Full Color.”

A discrimination lawsuit involving Dolezal revealed she sued Howard University more than a decade ago under the name Rachel Moore. In it, she claims to be the victim of discrimination at the historically black university because she was white.

Check out the original article here: Former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal says she can’t find job – CBS News

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