2017/02/15 ~ Supposed Advice To Deal With Trump Supporters

02444d48-d6e0-413e-a78d-179c1c4e22a3-inline_yes1: don’t care – I dont think most of America does
2: you should know – the Obama/Clinton regime was the most lucrative ever
3: there is no need to argue – you are wrong
4: while you are at it keep sticking your snowflake head in the sand because you don’t realise just how ignorant you are
5: the darkness is the shadow of the Obamas
6: the numbers don’t lie – Trump won the electoral college – if you add all the votes on every candidate except Hillary popular vote says that Americans DO NOT WANT HILLARY
7: always an overlooked aspect of society – everyone should support art it is an aspect of what our future society will partly judge this time over
8: yes, your cnn facilitator of fake news is worthless – you should have given them that message a decade ago
9: I guess – everyone should already be doing this
10:your kind do not know how to keep demonstrations peaceful – degenerates only know how to criminally riot
11: and while you are at it make sure to assign blame to the people most deserving – the democratic party that has ruin this country almost a decade ago

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