2017/01/01 ~ Mariah Diva Is A Joke

mariah-carey-new-years-eve-gettyShe claims problems with her earpiece and complained several time even moments before going onstage – at least that is her camps story – if she is not able to perform her own lyrics and can’t lip sync worth a damn she should have just said unless they are working I will not go onstage – I think her ‘divaness’ and loss of voice as she got older and a little spirit are to blame – she even forgot her skirt/pants for she must know she is too old to dress like a gymnastics athlete and it was an inappropriate outfit for a formal event – but that’s just my opinion.

I didn’t want to get involved with her shit performance until her camp started pointing and putting blame on anyone except Mariah herself. She has been in the industry for a very long time and this isn’t her first ‘mistake’ performance! The ole bitty needs to be put to pasture.

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