2016/08/07 ~ Restaurant Cleanup


I have been caught by the waitress on my hands and knees picking up every little morsel I could pick up with my fingers that our little one let fall to the ground and was told to stop she would get it with a picker upper when we left and I felt a sense of complete dread. I also always pick up and stack dishes and trash for people busing tables to have it really easy to cleanup my table. People who don’t do this are gross and disgusting! If you go to a fast food restaurant pick your shit up and trash it. People who work there are not your servants. They get paid minimal wages and a lot of these people do it as a second job to keep off the welfare system and keep their homes and feed their families. Trashcans are provided at every door and very few do not have the ability to pick up after themselves. If I see you I will call you out no matter who you are the the entire restaurant will know what a scuzzy disgusting person you are.

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