201/07/31 ~ Killary Says Change Our Religious & Personal Views

UntitledI am not about to change by religious views for not a single thing – she must be smoking some denial again!

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4 Responses to 201/07/31 ~ Killary Says Change Our Religious & Personal Views

  1. peddiebill says:

    Whether or not you should be commended for your judgemental statement would depend on what your religion causes you to believe and how it causes you to behave. For example if you were a religious bigot who assumed only your religion was correct and wanted to condemn all others, why would anyone outside your narrow set of believers want to support you in your religious intentions. As it happens, I don’t know if it has ever occurred to you, but there are some who are highly selective about which parts of Jesus teaching they choose to notice. The Good Samaritan – who Jesus commended was the heretic of his day. If you for example had never commended the good actions of a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Homosexual minister etc then you are clearly rejecting the Samaritan part of the gospel. If you judge Hillary to be imperfect you are not following Jesus who said Judge not lest you yourself be judged. If you don’t forgive your enemies – or if you reject pacifism you reject part of the sermon on the Mount. If you store up treasures on earth your gospel is not following Christ. So tell us. Are you a Pacifist? Do you see the best in whoever are heretics in your eyes. Do you work to accumulate wealth? Do you truly follow Jesus or do you see no good in Hillary’s suggestion? If you think that in fact society needs to move in its religious understanding until it is a more forgiving, more inclusive and kinder society then perhaps this is what Hillary meant.

    • Religion and spiritual views do not matter in what my statement is saying. Hillary suggests that society as a whole must change their views to allow for changes to happen. I simply stated that I am not changing my religious/spiritual beliefs for anyone. My religion and spiritual journey and beliefs are a personal ideal. I do not push my beliefs on anyone else – in fact I don’t talk much about religion/spirituality because I believe it is a personal journey we must all go on. I don’t say this to say ‘screw you it’s none of your business’. I simply say this to tell you that I simply don’t care what anyone else believes in as long as the structure of their thought patterns when it comes to religion/spirituality does not hurt themselves, others or tangle property that they do not own. I will address your concerns though – overall I label myself a Christian. I don’t follow organized religion and do not go to church because my beliefs are that Jesus and his Father are always with you. In text on scrolls with the language that would have been of the time and area where the bible was created researchers have discovered that in the beginning of Christianity a church is described as a meeting place and even a quiet area with just you and any conversation you wish to have with our Father or his Son is worthy. I sure am not a pacifist – but I will say that most wars man has fought has not had reliable circumstances to justify war and most of the wars in the last 200 years were created to justify transfer on monetary gain by the select elite. I don’t tell others how to believe in anything and I certainly am not going to listen to someone else under any accord that wishes to change mine. I don’t have need to forgive my enemies because I use what life throughs at me and walk past enemies with a new lesson learned. Maybe that is a type of forgiveness – either way I care not. My belief is that we all have an unlimited amount of lessons to learn and grow from and because of this simply walking away from the enemy is more useful then forgiving. To me that shows growth and strength. If you believe in the bible word for word and that everything within is exactly as God dictated then great for you. The bible is a text that was intervened from Gods dictation to man. Man in general is stupid and unworthy and incapable of truly understanding Gods word. If you think that the transcriptionists got it all right then good for you.

  2. peddiebill says:

    You explain clearly how you regard religion. I see no reason why someone with your described set of beliefs requires any need to change. On the other hand I don’t think Hillary was suggesting changing your sort of beliefs.
    However I suspect in practice problems do arise in a very visible way when religious views are considered by their followers to include forcing others to their way of belief. For example there is no great harm done when a religious belief is centred on something like tolerance. But surely there is clear harm done when the form of religion distorts thinking until we have Drs assisting in abortions being murdered, or when fundamentalists become extremists and want their religion to condone cruelty to those who do not share the beliefs. eg picking on Jews, discriminating against homosexuals, suicide bombing, the KKK, those who want the right to discriminate against Muslims, Catholics who don’t get on with Protestants and vice versa (eg Northern Ireland), rich Christians who don’t want to share with poor Christians and vote against medical assistance for the poor etc etc.
    Where harm continues to occur I see no problem in encouraging modification to beliefs because without the modification we don’t achieve a kinder and more just society. Accordingly I see Hillary Clinton’s suggestion as appropriate in a society where there is ample evidence of stupid and unkind behaviour sometimes fostered by religious views. I wonder if you assume all religions are fine because yours is fine?
    To an outside observer like myself I think that religious beliefs that don’t foster tolerance should be encouraged to change because without this change unnecessary harm occurs. Surely the frequency of mass murder in the US, the race riots, cop killing, etc might begin to suggest something should change. Or are you comfortable with things as they are?

    • I think to each his or her own and they can be about the spiritual and/or religious views as long as they do not project influence on hurting others or damaging property to themselves. Being a history major I could pinpoint any time frame in time and show you the same as what we live with now – or worse. You might want to know that in the US we don’t all live in what is shown to everyone in other countries. Yes, terrible things happen, but that happens all over the world. Remember you are more likely to hear the mass of society that is spreading word of negativity from those who would not change their citizenship to the US for any amount of money. I do apologize to you if my first response sounded like I was attacking – I certainly didn’t mean it. I should know not to type when I have been up for 22 hours. I reread it after I woke up and said ‘uh oh!’. Thank you for your responses.

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