2016/07/31 ~ Black Eyed Children

black_eyed_kidsThere is an Irish folktale of two children – a boy and a girl – who had green/blue tinted skin and solid black eyes that came from a cave – they ate very peculiar foods like seeds and dried vegetation – they refused meals and meat and fresh vegetables – they even ate the shells of nuts but not the nut – they stayed in and around a village during a very cold harsh winter – they were seen gathering large amounts of natural elements and hoarding them in bushels – they had a very broken local language mixed with a dialect unknown and they were often hard to understand – villagers refused to let them into their homes except small outer buildings because they feared them ‘for no reason’ – many villagers thought them to be raised by no one or someone with no education or common sense – as quickly as they appeared out of nowhere they disappeared and were never heard from again – the wooded area they were often seen in was left with bare spots and vegetation would never grow in these bare spots – heard it from an Irish friend I had years ago – don’t know if it has bearing or not.

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