2016/03/24 ~ Michelle Obama Claims Her Life Is More Difficult Than A Soldier’s

Please go away you ghetto skank – you and your husband have finished ruining our country. You are such a waste of life – you and your family have been on spending sprees with 20,000 dollar dress, million dollar vacations all while our countries debt has tripled. Now you have the nerve to compare yourself to an American soldier – when they are put into a position of giving their lives so we can have our freedoms that are so precious. What the hell more do I expect from a woman that can’t keep her law license because of choices. You and your entire family will go down in history and the worst first family in American history and the biggest losers to ever set foot in the white house.

Earlier this week First Lady Michelle Obama compared her life to that of an American soldier. When Michelle was in Fort Campbell, KY, this week, she gave a speech to veterans about finding work after leaving the military. While she spoke, she mentioned that before she campaigned with Barack, she didn’t know much about what …

Read the complete story: Michelle Obama Claims Her Life Is More Difficult Than A Soldier’s…

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