2016/03/01 ~ Security Forced Him To Take His Turban Off In The Airport

Looks like someones just gotta bitch up a storm about something. Before I go on I will tell you I feel the same way no matter what religious garb they are wearing or displaying. There is nothing to be shocked about – you were pulled off to the side for further investigation like many many other people – deal with it.

Stop crying like a little school girl – you wanted a mirror to put your turban back on to make sure it is crisp and that you look good and because you can’t look into a mirror to put it on you are going to act like a big sissy. Put it on the best you can – make your way to a restroom – and make it nice and crisp so you look good.

TSA is not going to cater to you and just like many judges in a court room involving barques you are not being given special privileges because you think you can command such. Woman entering public events who are wearing head coverings for religious reasons have fallen under the same situation.

Now take your cry baby arse to the little girls powder room and cry some more to someone who gives a crap – you in the mirror.

Click the link below the photo to read more from the big baby.

Quote from article ‘No one likes airport security. It’s like the rules your parents put in place to keep you safe, but instead it has you questioning why life is so unfair and suspiciously selective with their random searches. Popular YouTube comedian Jasmeet Singh, better known as Jus Reign, is a Sikh and travels often, once or twice a month, by plane. Until recently, he has never been asked to remove his turban when going through security, but that has all changed.’

Source: Security Forced Him To Take His Turban Off In The Airport. What Happened After Shocked Me

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