2016/03/01 ~ Obama Calls For An End To Catholic Schools

What a scuzz bucket. Trying to unite the people by taking away religious institution. Why not unite the people by stop race baiting and creating an atmosphere where whites and blacks are pulled even further apart?

Stop attending the funerals of thugs who pull a weapon and charge an officer and stop ignoring a Supreme Justices’ funeral.

Stop making thugs think they can get away with ‘knock out’ games and other forms of attacks on whites.

Prosecute attacks on whites and attacks on black as a hate crime. Throw them in and throw away the key.

No, in the long run – Americans will unite when you are out – gone – not spending millions and millions vacationing. Not being rude at wakes and showing you clearly have no respect for the National Anthem or our flag. You are a disgrace and will go down as one of the worst presidents the United States has ever had to endure


Source: VIDEO ON TAP: Obama Calls For An End To Catholic Schools – I Have The Truth

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