2016/02/28 ~ ‘View’ Co-Host Says She’s Leaving US If A Republican Is ‘NOMINATED’

What a brain dead buffoon! Raven-Symone (Cosby Show fame) told viewers on The View that she would leave the country if a republican is ‘nominated’ – when this is part of the voting process and is guaranteed to happen.


How stupid can one person be? If these idiots keep whining and moaning about leaving the country if Trump wins or if this happens or that I will lose it.

First – you are Raven-Symone – you are a nothing has been host of a dramatically ending show with another idiot who has threatened to leave (Whoopi Goldberg). My thoughts are if you don’t like America then leave. The few times I have been outside of America’s border I am consumed with the thought that all I want to do is get back across the US border.

You can take what money you have left, your girlfriend, Whoopi and all of the other unpatriotic people threatening to leave and go. Bye Bye – no one cares.

Why you are at it can you take the Kardashians and that idiot Kanye out with you. A bag full of shit that looks like what it smells like.

Check out the following link to read more and watch a video that shows her saying this… What a joke!

Source: Brainiac ‘View’ co-host says she’s leaving US if a Republican is ‘NOMINATED’ | BizPac Review

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