2016/02/21 ~ Lifelike Child Sex Dolls Created to ‘Stop Pedophiles Committing Crimes’

WTF? I am sick of saying it and you re probably sick of hearing me say it. Chemical castration or physical castration is the best way to deal with this and an ankle monitoring bracelet added to that. Then a pedophile must be in constant therapy for the rest of their lives. Pedophiles subject to continued sexual illegal behaviors should be locked up for life.

Yes, I know you are saying kill the asshole – I’ve said that myself. But realistically we as a society can’t go around and act like a communist

country. When does execution stop if we started with pedophiles. Do we target people with other mental illnesses? What about those with difference of opinion? Religion? Sex? Race? Nationality?

This of course is not an easy subject to that we can make quick change to.

~~~These were created by a man who admits to being attracted to children and wants to help others control ‘the urge.’~~~

Source: Lifelike Child Sex Dolls Created to ‘Stop Pedophiles Committing Crimes’ | First to Know

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