2016/02/17 ~ Black Teens Attack Marine in McDonalds

Exactly you won’t see this on mainstream media. Why? Because it is not profitable for main stream media to talk about it because the sensationalism is not there. If the skin color of the attackers and victim were reversed you would. If the attackers are found you can bet they won’t be brought up on charges of committing a crime of hate. Lord this crap really gets me pissed off!

A former Marine was enjoying his burger at a McDonald’s Friday evening when a crowd of teens approached him and demanded he respond to the question, “Do you believe black lives matter?” Shortly after this, the youths allegedly knocked the man unconscious and robbed him. Christopher Marquez received the Bronze Star for valor after serving …

Source: 6 Black Teens Attack Marine in McDonalds, They Wanted This Disturbing Thing from Him

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