2016/02/16 ~ Kanye West BLASTS White America For Failures

You have got to be shitting me – you made millions upon millions and lived life way past your means like a spoiled little bitch. Like the normal people out here you may have to consider bankruptcy or get another job to support a lifestyle you intend to live.

….. and I am so sick of hearing this shit about whitey did this and whitey did that – grow a pair and stand up and admit you created the delima you are in and now need to experience the backlash. YOU were not a slave and I was not a slave owner.

You are racist for thinking that all white Americans took part in slavery but if you took the time to hit a history book instead of hitting a bottle you would learn that  under 20% of whites in this country can be traced back to slave masters.

Stop blaming you being a complete loser on others – you were blessed to have an income like you have and you are too stupid to have realized what you had.

If you are that much in debt make a sex tape with the wife since she has experience in that area – which is the only reason she has any fame at all.

Source: Kanye West BLASTS White America for his Failures in Life because…..

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