2016/02/08 ~ Secret Message In Beyonce’s Super Bowl Act?

Why the hell does this surprise anyone? She herself has said in many interviews that she is a Illuminati Princess – and did so with a no joking tone of language. Beyonce and her ‘former’ drug dealer husband should be given no attention as they strive and thrive for people to salute them in her stardom.

In reality she is nothing more than a ghetto hag queen who shook her ass and (I am sure) completed other forms of gratuity to those who could make her who she wanted to be.

Her new video has her standing on a cop car that is submerged in water. This is an obvious knife plunge to cops everywhere. Yes, cops do wrong – but so do African American youth who want to test cops when they come face to face. Neither is right but taking the side of criminals just for sake of standing strong – standing tall – standing black – isn’t either. But when testing waters of someone who has authority and a gun and a legal right to protect and serve it is not a good idea to tempt them.

I have never been a fan of the trashy costuming or her better then though attitude like we should all be kissing her feet because she is the all and mighty Beyonce – not a chance ‘Miss Thang’!

So take your blatant attack on all races not black and take your shithead dancers that look like porn stars back to the ghetto. You do not impress me and never will – I know I am just one person that may feel this way but talent can not be seen in her performances. Fire, explosion and lighting effects along with amplified voice computers make you who you are.

Famous pop star Beyonce took the stage during the Halftime Show Sunday during the Super Bowl and gave a performance that has folks buzzing this morning, but not

Source: Did you Notice the HORRIBLE Secret Message in Beyonce’s Super Bowl Act?

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