2016/01/23 ~ White Privilege – Phuck That


“Stamp Out White Privilege – College Provides Self-Loathing Courses For Oppressive White People”

Original article: http://universalfreepress.com/2016/stamp-out-white-privilege-college-provides-self-loathing-courses-for-oppressive-white-people/

White people privileges my white ass. I was born in a poor family that struggled to keep basic bills paid and food on out plate. My Dad caught fish and had a garden to help out. He was retired from 26 years in the military and a lot of ‘promises’ the military made at one time were never kept for my Dad. He worked and got his military stipend and my parents still struggled. My parents also never

To this day I struggle – I am so tired of living penny to penny that I have gone to college to better improve my families income and quality of life. My wife and I both put in out forty hours a week and take as much over time as we can. We have three kids and rent and penny pinch. I have never been handed anything in my damn life and I resent anyone who stands there and says otherwise just because the damn color of my skin.

I will never apologize for my skin color and I will never apologize for what white people did involving slavery. Number one because I fucking just won’t and number two neither side of my family tree was here during those times and when they made it here they were poor immigrants who did manual labor in mills,factories and the like.

So where the hell is my white privilege? Where are the automatic give-ins and freebies and easy passages that my white skin should have afforded me?

Apparently I didn’t know what damn door or bus or train to get the hell on for any of that!!!!!

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