2015/09/26 ~ Legal Means Right

I was reading a post on Facebook and a meme included with it said something like: “Our government has got everyone fooled into thinking legal is right” – and that it reminded us that “slavery was legal.”

Interesting: maybe instead of legal we should go to morally correct – isn’t that whats wrong with all of mankind anyways – since almost the dawn of mankind morals were replaced with bigotry, anger, hatred, racism etc. Humankind need to stand together and face evils of our world together. A sociology teacher once asked the class about racism, bigotry and the like and then asked what do we think would happen if aliens attacked our world. My answer was that we would simply join as one group to fight the threat which is what we should have been doing all along.

{Copyright Jeffrey Scott Thomas – The Jibber Jabber Journal}

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2 Responses to 2015/09/26 ~ Legal Means Right

  1. Bad Wolf says:

    Long live Ronald Reagan…

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