2015/09/21 ~ Sharia – Islamic – Muslim Infiltration Of Propaganda In The US

DAMN – what a powerful speaker!


~she talks about programming of our youth to think that muslims and islamics (and they are not worthy of capitalization) are victims and OUR school systems start at middle school with this agenda

~these three week programs (which no child of mine will be taking) are here being taught on our soil because the countries in that area of the world convert money we pay at the gas pump to in turn make our own children hate this country

~they give huge amounts of monies to colleges – they give millions and millions to companies who write our school system books and meet with them to make sure the programming is directed the way THEY want.

~In our own country we sensationalize who we are by adding African American, Japanese Americans etc when we are all just AMERICAN.

~she goes on with the thought that English is the language of our country – love this part

The video is below – well worth the 15 minutes – she is a powerful speaker:


scvdd{Copyright Jeffrey Scott Thomas – The Jibber Jabber Journal}

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