2015/09/05 ~ Kim Davis

~It is not about religion – she has a job and is required to fulfill her job – voters voted and she is an elected official – if she is derelict in her duties she needs to be fired – but because she was elected it is not as easy as that their are things that have to happen to get her out of office

~For those of you who say ‘she wasn’t required to do this when she was elected’ – in any government employment/her contract it says that she must fulfill her duties as directed to her by laws governing this country and that means any changes to law must be made by the contracted as mandated by contract and law and her supervisors – like any employee

~ Marriage/wedding ceremony is not religious as I really hate to burst your bigoted sexist bubble – this country was founded with basic principals to separate government, education and religion – An actual marriage is a piece of paper (a legal contract) that any two people can obtain with no religious implications to it – they are just simply married by law – if YOU add religion to YOUR marriage/wedding then that is also fine but you have decided to do this YOURSELF and it is not required for you to be married.

~Stop creating false prophets and martyrs – last time I checked God forbids you to do this in your own religions text

~Stop judging and condemning those you claim your religion does not support – last time I checked God said ‘DO NOT CAST THE FIRST STONE’ – go back into your own home and deal with YOUR sins and stop worrying about others ‘sins’ – God did not create you equal to him and his Son so only they may pass judgment

~When you think about Mrs Kim understand she has been married three times – allowed another husband to adopt kids from another marriage – married one man twice and got two divorces – uh oh I guess according to the text you keep waving around that she is also a sinner and maybe she should deal with her sins in her own home before she starts acting like a God.

~And now she tried to refuse to go to an all woman’s prison – lol – because of all the ‘lesbianism’ – lol omfg – I hope she gets served up to the meanest of the prison – but sadly she will probably be confined to solitary.

~Mrs Kim hides behind her bible and uses this sacred text to try and hide the fact she is a bigot – a sexist – and sadly thinks she is above all laws of the lands – Read your bible Mrs Kim – God allows man to have court!!!!!!

{Copyright Jeffrey Scott Thomas – The Jibber Jabber Journal}

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