2015/08/02 ~ Racial Diversity & Labeling

FACEBOOK POST: Heard an insensitive person telling of having a small relationship with a legally blind woman……….when does being legally blind define who you are…….wow I’ve got to get into a better class of acquaintances!! No sympathy votes Please, just saying. Guess it just hit too close to home.

MY RESPONSE: I agree – on a somewhat related note I just got through a sociology class and we were discussing societies need to put labels of definitions onto everything and everyone. In the class discussion I brought up the point of societies basic need to put black (African Americans), white, Latino etc. to classify who we are and that that is a basic form racism (according to our textbook) and by doing so society has created racial separation instead of creating unity.

A fellow student made a comment stating that we are all different and she didn’t see a problem and then I chimed in with response that would we all stay diverse if we found out about aliens attacking or would that make us the same then? I got an extra ten points for discussion that day!

{Copyright Jeffrey Scott Thomas – The Jibber Jabber Journal}

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