2015/07/27 ~ Druggie Celebs Deaths

Why do we “celebrate” the life of someone who had some form of stardom or celebrity status? Just because they were a celebrity that has died? …and why do people take such concern over a drug addict they’ve never met who dies? They made their choice and knew the consequences before they first used. I understand the families pain but why the stranger?

Of course, in the news lately, we find the story of Whitney Houston’s daughter Kristina dieing from what appears to be a drug overdose – similar to how her Mom died. We also know about celebrities like – Michael Jackson, Judy Garland, River Phoenix, Marilyn Monroe and so many many more. Society shows great sense of mourning with television broadcasts of the services following death, processions, burial etc.

We don’t know these people (really) other than what we perceive them to be from watching them on television or big screen and have no loss. They are not a part of our daily lives and leave no gaps in our daily routine.

Is this a real form of mourning or is it again the case of humans being nosy with rubber neck syndrome? Are these just the response of societies change because of the ‘responsibility clause’? By saying responsibility clause I refer to societies need to not take responsibility for ones own actions or ignoring them altogether.

{Copyright Jeffrey Scott Thomas – The Jibber Jabber Journal}

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