2015/07/27 ~ Drug Testing Food Stamp Recipients

If a parent is on drugs and gets food stamps more than likely they are selling the food stamps for 25cents to 50cents on the dollar and the children get no food anyways. The point about should a druggie parent not receive food stamps is mute because a parent who is on drugs should lose custody of their children until they prove they are off drugs or a time frame has gone on and the court permanently severs their parental rights. The point of ‘You don’t necessarily need a steady job to survive tho??’ makes no sense….. unless a person plans to use the welfare system for their entire life (food stamps/money/help with rent etc.) and to be a permanent drain on a society being pecked to death already. I am not sure what world you think you live in but if you want a house, car, groceries, vacations etc. you need to work for it. Taxpayers are not a bank to front lifestyles.

Parents who are on drugs have access to programs to help them quit and rehab can be a rest-of-their-life kind of thing. If they choose to be a druggie they should not continue to drain the welfare system and deal with all of the consequences that come along with that decision. If you have money for drugs and alcohol consumption then you have money for food. The basic principal of a parent choosing to use money to buy drugs over buying food for their children, paying rent, buying a car or paying bills exposes reason for the child/children to be removed from the parents’ custody – what other selfish behaviors and choices is the parent making that is detrimental to the child/children.

If someone is using drugs and has a problem – it is their fault and the buck doesn’t need to be passed. When you are young you make borders for yourself like ‘I won’t have sex until I am married’ or ‘I am not doing drugs because it is wrong and life threatening’. When a person crosses that border and takes drugs for the first time it is their decision and no one elses and the consequences belong to them. No one deserves food stamps – it is not supposed to be a system that is used to supply lifestyle – it is supposed to be a system that an American citizen can use when times are rough and used then only until they are back on their feet.

Parents who use drugs are 72% higher risk of raising a drug addict as a child and more than 50% of drug user parents have anger and abuse problems.Why do some feel some food stamp recipients should and some shouldn’t be tested for? Who shall pick and choose and what criteria makes the food stamp recipient get tested or not. Its either all or none! Why should anyone fear getting drug tested anyways? Most of us have had employment which requires drug testing as part of hiring process.

People who have a ‘regular’ job often pay nothing/very little in taxes because they get a refund because they don’t make much. People who make bank that have been in school who have a career hold the bag for paying the majority of taxes.

{Copyright Jeffrey Scott Thomas – The Jibber Jabber Journal}

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