2014/06/05 ~ Mom Words of Wisdom Speech

Here’s a “Cherished Lesson” from my Mom. You see, she never drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes, partied, gambled, or did anything people would consider loose. She was firm, loving, and very disciplined.

The military had nothing on her! Seriously!

She once told me, “Son, whatever you end up doing, be the best!”

“If you end up being a drug dealer, you better be the best drug dealer that’s ever lived!”.

I looked at her shocked and confused for a moment. Then asked, “What do you mean Mom? You know that isn’t going to happen because I don’t want to be and do that.”

She explained, “Life sometimes puts you in hard situations.You never know what you may have to humbly do to make it.”

“Of course, I would prefer you to be a doctor, lawyer, scientist or engineer. It’s what I prefer though! I don’t know what the future holds for you. I am a mother and I can only guide you.”

“Just remember that whatever happens be sure to hold your head high and do your best. Of course, I don’t ever want you to be a drug dealer I said that to get your attention and it worked.”

Gotta give it up to moms for pattern interrupts, wisdom and leaving behind lessons for eternity. I was a young teen when we had this discussion. It’s memories such as these that have helped me to endure anything…

{Copyright Jeffrey Scott Thomas – The Jibber Jabber Journal}


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