2014/02/23 ~ School Shootings: Victims

bullySCHOOL SHOOTINGS: Yes, they are very sad and a terrible new reality to our everyday living (along with other public shootings) but I just got through reading about a victim who was shot who just came home. Now I have read a lot about this case and know better – although the press has made him to be a victim – school shootings often start with bullying and the inadequate handling of these activities by administration with the ineffectiveness of stopping said activities. This kid and the other ‘victim’ were no innocent bystanders – no they shouldn’t have been shot that should go without saying – but the latest article states the two are these angelic ‘victims’ when it has been shown that the shooter came through other people and could have shot them but had specific targets in mind and only shot these two which by all accounts terrorized the shooter. Yes, the shooter needs to pay for his crimes BUT don’t make people who are not victims be victims. Administrations need to deal with all forms of bullying swiftly and harshly to prevent children from being tortured in schools that lead to these shootings. Make administrations accountable for such behaviors and make people who society wants to make victims answer for their self-righteous self-centered mentality – don’t put them on a pedestal and act like they did no wrong – because THAT is wrong.

{Copyright Jeffrey Scott Thomas – The Jibber Jabber Journal}

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