2014/01/31 ~ The Cost Of College

College-CostsI am approaching my fourth year at college attending CNM (Central New Mexico Community College) and now can see why college costs so much. I have been following prerequisites – one after the other because you have to take them in sequence.

I have earned an Associates of General Studies and an Associates of Liberal Arts – neither did I need to attain I just ended up with them as side degrees. Like it matters because they won’t help me get a job anyways. I will also be getting an Associates of Communications.

I had originally wanted to get a degree as a DMS (Diagnostic Medical Sonographer – Ultrasound Technician). When I started out I knew it was a limited entry program with 16 applicants accepted per year but at the start of my fourth year I found out they revamped the program and now the 16 was every other year. I was crushed. If i didn’t get in the first year – and probably wouldn’t since there are thirty registered people looking to obtain this degree.

I did find they had actually developed a degree for psychology and was happy because it was what I had originally wanted to do but with no program I settled for something else. But still I was so close to the DMS program – something I had worked on now for the four years. It was like my baby.

I changed the degree – I feel happy about my decision now but had to struggle with making it. I am a few classes away from getting an Associates of Psychology and oddly enough I am about seven away from a Bachelors of Psychology. Upon further inspection of my transcript I am actually five years away from obtaining a Masters of psychology and a PHD of Psychology or Sociology.

So I am in almost 30K in damage when it comes to the financing I have had to obtain to get this far and figure another 30K before I am done. Which brings to questions of WHY?

Why have I had to take such high levels of math? Why have I taken classes that are required that even the teachers themselves question why the degree is requiring them? The schools answer to this is that they intend to make you a more well rounded individual who will look at life differently when you are done. Is that just a way to justify the fact of how much a student must pay to have to make a better life for themselves?

Does it justify the 250K salary of a president of a community college – not to mention the almost 200k in bonuses and benefits? What about the cost of the new buildings they are building which has an estimated 20% cost for architectural add-ons that are not needed. I also have questions of why does a lab manual look to teach you about equipment that the lab does not even have? …… and then test you as if you have had hands on experience with it. This is not to mention the broken equipment and chairs and the fact that supplies constantly run out with professors sometimes buying supplies out of their own pockets.

So when I am done with my ‘experience’ I will be at minimum of 60K in debt. I will have to find employment and work a years value of salary to pay back this debt (even though it will take me around twenty years to pay it back).

{Copyright Jeffrey Scott Thomas – The Jibber Jabber Journal}

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