2013/11/03 ~ Human Labeling

human labelI have always had a huge problem with people who label other humans – and how simple minded and animalistic it seems. Why do humans feel the need to label and categorize every difference we as humans have? I have always hated being questioned about race, religion, heritage and so fourth. I have a hard time checking off the box next to white when they have separate areas for AfricanAmerican because if you go with that line of thinking I am not just white – I should be categorized as European-American.

Gay/Straight, Muslim/Christian – and all of the countless other titles and labels we cast upon ourselves do not define us as a whole. But then we turn around and wonder why we do not have unity as a whole. How can we – we have already grouped ourselves and everyone around us with a label, separating and defining into classifications.

I grew up in a military family on a military base. When I was little I had a variety of friends with different skin colors and heritages and never thought of them as anything other than my friend. So when does society want you to fit in with others of your ‘kind’ and want you to use labels? – and the sad answer to that is even before you are born.

I took a class in college where the professor brought up a question in regards to this very subject a couple years ago. He proposed a question for human beings in general – How would our differences hinder or help us if aliens came down and wanted to take us as the human race as slaves? Think about that for a second. Would religion, sexual preference, skin color or political views matter? Would any label that we as humans use matter? NO!

Why do we separate people? My feeling on it is humans are still rather primitive in nature when it comes to how our society feels towards one another. We label one another so we can create a hierarchy and want it so that  we fit into one of the labels that are higher up so we can feel dominate over others.

I always have laughed at people who have the idea that humans are above all other forms of life. Really? When we study a colony of ants – or a hive of bees – we find different levels of society – but they are all working as one for the group. We do not find them labeling one or the other and no single ant/bee is superior over the other (even the queen) because they all are serving their direct purpose to each other as a whole. They are not individualistic and they care not about acquiring possessions – which is another factor of human stupidity.

Labeling is so ingrained on our basic culture and structure of our brain pattern I do not see the ability to ever have that changed. Would it take a catastrophic event like a comet threatening to hit our planet or an invasion of a species not from this world to make us all operate as one?

What could you do in your daily life to stop labeling someone else? Do you feel it is important to label people and why?

{Copyright Jeffrey Scott Thomas – The Jibber Jabber Journal}

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