2013/09/29 ~ People In Pain With A Smile

58814_472160749557804_1295480775_nI have often enjoyed being a “people watcher” at various opportunities in my life. I have even made trips to parks, zoo’s, flea markets etc to do observations. (I know I am strange!) I take a book but I never get a chance to read a single word.

I have always noticed people who walk with a smile and wonder just what that smile covers up? It seems some of the nicest people I have known suffer in silence from pain of the body or mind or some combination of both.

I knew a woman who was diagnosed with lung cancer and never went without her smile or nice words to people she knew. I wonder how I would be if I received that news? She always seemed calm and collective but I knew behind the curtains she relished in pain that no one should go through.  She once told me that, yes, she knew her time was limited but she said all of our times are limited – she just knew of her time. She passed just six months after I met her and I never saw her without what appeared to be a shine.

I have also known a school teacher that taught first grade. My son had her as a teacher. She always had a smile and fun activities for her students and always gave them a huge hug to make them welcome for the day in her class. She had two younger sons herself and was married for almost ten years. At the end of the school year I found out her husband had passed during the school year and I could not believe she never missed not one day or to let on to her students what she was going through. The shock of losing someone so close and having to raise two young children would have been an unbearable weight to carry on her shoulders. I wrote her a letter of condolence and offered her my feelings of how proud I was to have had my son attend her class and to never have had my son know what she had experienced. That was an inspiration of the human character that is rare to find in a person.

We go day to day and find ourselves complaining about this or that and that life isn’t want we want of it to be or for some people what they expect and/or demand of it. We complain and moan and groan but we must acknowledge that we walk daily with people who suffer in silence. We walk while others lie in bed; some dying while others will never be able to get up out of bed (at least unassisted).

I would not care to bash on people complaining as we all have limits of pain whether it be physical or emotional or both. I just wish people would sit back and know that no matter how much they go through in life there is always someone with a story much more troubling then they ever dreamed of theirs being. (I shall preach) – God never gives you more then you can handle  – and if the burden gets too much for you consult with God. He has told us he will not intervene unless he is called upon. So praying will do more then complaining.

……. and remember the person behind the counter checking you out – or the nurse who is assisting you in getting better – or the people who do for you in ways you may never even see for yourself could be going through a living hell while all you see is their smile.

{Copyright Jeffrey Scott Thomas – The Jibber Jabber Journal}

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