2013/09/20 ~ To My Son – A Father To A Father

proud_of_my_wise_son_proverbs_23_15_16_ornament-r8984729610834f5f918f29fcb69775b6_x7s2y_8byvr_324My Son: I am proud of your response you have had after events have happened today. You hopefully will follow through with your thought patterns and realize all that is happening is only for the best. You are now on a path of three to four years of making your life be what it needs to be to welcome a new level of being a father. I am proud of your response to Willow and I can see in your eyes now when you are with her and talk to her a light that is the reflection of her soul. You will have another little one soon and your need to make decisions as their father must come from knowing what is right for them: their safety; them having what they need and always making sure that they know they can trust you as their Father. You will come to hard forks in the road and decisions will have to be made – go above your own desires and needs – go above all other adults desires and needs. Children are dependent upon who you are to them – make yourself be what I have tried my best to be to you – a Dad. I love you and have faith that you will be a strong man as you grow into your adult skin – forever keep your morals, allow you to be you and never change that and keep your head held high for you are in charge of whatever destiny you make for you and your children and no one shall ever stand in your way of that. I love you and you shall always know of my desire of you to only have the best – and that your children will only come to know you that way!

{Copyright Jeffrey Scott Thomas – The Jibber Jabber Journal}

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