2013/09/01 ~ Lowering Yourself

1237733_608604742525643_740981604_nIt is always important to maintain your dignity and to respect yourself and those around you. Its not a matter of being stuck up or “Hidy Tidy” – its a matter of working your way up and being something more than you once were. I have known millionaires and I have known people who do not have anything. Neither impresses me or disgusts me because it is the persons character – their achievements – their standards – their beliefs – and their goals and desires – and what they are doing to reach for that something more that really counts. Stupid people (and I am not reflecting upon people of low intelligence) want you to sink to their level so they feel they have power – but give them nothing except a smile. The best response to give to someone trying to bring you down is…… NOTHING! I have an ability to be intelligent and very sarcastic all in one big swoop of a text or Face Book posting – I can tell you the way it is or what I think and the funny thing is you probably won’t get the full meaning of what I say. I have not outwardly called you a name – I have said nothing blatant to you about anything. I have said my peace and I go about my weary day knowing that I did not lower myself to your level to give you power and told you what I think without hurting you for which I am a better person.

{Copyright Jeffrey Scott Thomas – The Jibber Jabber Journal}

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