2013/08/29 ~ A Reptitious Life

556824_669558319723651_1993994110_nI find looking back at my life and asking the “what if’s?” and know that whether choices I made were good or bad they made me grow and become who I am today. It also makes me understand the saying “learn the past or you are doomed to repeat it”. The events in my life happen to help me learn and contemplate choices I am forced to make in my life.

My Grandma (may she rest in peace) always said ‘If you have a long road ahead of you you can’t think about the in between – but focus on where you are starting and go as quickly as you can to the end”.  I have applied this to many areas in my life and it always works like a charm in situation I must partake in.

Looking back and over thinking really cannot give you any benefit – just makes you a little crazier. What is the point of going over something over and over when you can’t change the past? Learn from mistakes and learn from the hard road you took because of mistake in judgment and choices so you are not doomed to have a life of repetition.

{Copyright Jeffrey Scott Thomas – The Jibber Jabber Journal}

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