2013/08/24 ~ Difference Between Visitation & Babysitting For A Father

no-babysitting1I love the courts in the US – a father is turned into a babysitting service and an ATM. With gender roles changing rapidly in our culture over the last few decades and women trying to succeed in a man’s world it is important to focus on the playing field being made equal across the board.

By telling a father they can have visitation or have “babysitting” rights of his own children is ridiculous. A father does not babysit their own child – they are raising them – just as the mother. A father may not have maternal instinct but the mother does not have paternal instincts which are equally important while raising children. Either are skills that can actually be taught but the courts should never rule across the board with gender biased beliefs. These days, for a child to have both parents in the picture, even if the parents are no longer a couple, is a real blessing that both parents want to participate actively in the child’s raising.

Visitation should be based on competency of both the mother and father – and not on stereotypical gender responsibilities. Some mothers are not responsible and some fathers are more than prepared to care for their own children. Fathers are not an ATM service and the mother’s abilities to get employment and earn money as well as the amount of money the mother earns should be entered into the equation of child support.

{Copyright Jeffrey Scott Thomas – The Jibber Jabber Journal}

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