2013/08/21 ~ Self Identity & Marriage

2 halvesI find great importance in having a self-identity – if you are single knowing who you are and feeling comfortable about that is an important factor of life to have before you get married. When you get married you must know yourself inside and out – mentally and physically. If you don’t know yourself you will never have a healthy marriage because it takes two halves to make one whole. Both halves must know what they need in a spouse to feel complete and the only way to know what you lack is to know what and who you are. When you are married it is important to be with your spouse to feel the unity of a whole but to respect your own identity and keep that identity healthy and to maintain some part of that identity apart from the whole. It will allow you not to feel lost and insecure with yourself. Do this by having a hobby – something that you do by yourself to keep yourself growing as your marriage does.

I have seen so many times where couples do EVERYTHING together as if they have permanently molded each half into one and not allowing either half any form of separation. This causes resentment and hatred whether this is recognized or not in the self-identity of each half.


{Copyright Jeffrey Scott Thomas – The Jibber Jabber Journal}

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